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Attune is the easiest to use and fastest server/node automation solution, with powerful and unique features for rapidly debugging automation, document generation, quality assurance and
knowledge capture.

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The Latest Blueprints

Here are some of the latest released Blueprints.

11th Oct 2021
Deploy ASP.NET Core Host on AWS EC2 Instance with Nginx
This Blueprint is used for deploying an Ubuntu AWS EC2 instance with NGINX and ASP.NET…
11th Oct 2021
Install Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) with Ubuntu 20.04 on Windows 10
This blueprint Installs and Configure Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) with Ubuntu 20.04 on Windows…
08th Oct 2021
Wake on Lan another PC via WSL on Windows 10/2019
Using Attune to install and configure WSL on Win10/Win2019, then running Wake on Lan python…

Latest Articles

18th Oct 2021
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08th Oct 2021
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27th Sep 2021
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Attune Node Automation: Manage Tasks And Workflows Easily At Home


Attune is for everyone! With Attune Node Automation features, you can get rid of repetitive daily operations and can perform exciting automation tasks such as setting up Docker on Raspberry Pi, building home labs, and much more.

Managing a small business from home? Doing freelance work? Or just a tech-savvy doing routine functioning, and tired of small tiresome daily jobs, you don’t have to worry anymore. Attune has got you covered with its node automation features.

The best thing about automation is to see the machine or computer performing something useful for you. Automation not only saves your time but also makes the small processes impeccable, as a machine does not make mistakes.

Attune makes it easy to perform small automation tasks, like backing up your data files every month or after a trigger, opening a specific application when you log in to your computer, deleting files from a directory after a specified time period, etc. Moreover, attune node automation provides you the capability of performing critical tasks such as setting up your firewall or network router, installing and configuring docker on Linux or Raspberry Pi, Private Internet Access Manual Connections Configuration Using Wireguard, and a lot more!

Learn How Attune Works

Read through Attunes extensive documentation.

18th Jun 2021
Setup WinRM Via AD
Setting up WinRM via Active Directory: Objective This procedure provides instructions to automatically enable WinRM…
18th Jun 2021
Setup WinRM, CIFS Manually
Objective This procedure will set up a Windows desktop or server to allow connections and…
18th Jun 2021
Referencing values in Scripts
All Variables have the same basic attributes regardless of their type. The Values that are…