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Attune is our flexible IT Automation & Orchestration solution, a self-documenting central source of reusable proven processes, files and backups to build and maintain your IT/OT infrastructure.

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Simplify and Streamline your IT Workflows


your Endpoint Application Deployments


your Environment Builds, Upgrades and Software Patching

Self-Service Portal

for your Repetitive Tasks

Readily Available

Dataset Backups and Restoration of your Systems


Hardware Replacements and Disaster Recovery for your Environments

Minimise Outages

with your Proven Processes

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ServerTribe Delivers Business Value

Speed, Quality, and Transparency

Accelerate Project Delivery

Reduce Overheads

Improve Productivity for Key Resources

Proven Process for Consistency

Eliminate Human Error

Knowledge Capture

Accelerate Project Delivery

Escalating Project Delivery Timeframes, Complexity & Costs

Lack of IT Automation limits your team to slow and repetitive manual processes, significantly increasing the complexity, error probability, time to delivery, and costs.

Shorten time to delivery by automating repetitive tasks.

When your team adopts Attune for IT automation, they can focus on quality repeatable procedures instead of applying changes manually every time. This will shorten the time to delivery for your projects exponentially!

Reduce Overheads

Lack of IT Automation mandates the time consuming and costly manual performing of periodic system infrastructure maintenance, data backups, and system monitoring.

The demand on key critical resources hinders them spending more time on services delivery to increase performance, productivity, and revenues.

Improve and streamline your Business As Usual tasks

IT Automation should be performing your periodic system infrastructure maintenance, data backups, system monitoring, and issue resolution. Your key critical resources can spend more time on service delivery to increase revenue.

Improve Productivity for Key Resources

Tedious workflows and manual processes negatively affect resource productivity, introducing error probability and negative quality impacts.

Automate repetitive tasks to be kicked off from the Attune Service Portal

Attune will automate your processes and provide access for the business to the workflows through a service portal.

Proven Process for Enterprise Wide Consistency

Inconsistent processes in the workplace inhibits planning, delivery, quality based outcomes, and crucial stability levels for IT infrastructure. This inevitably generates higher costs levels.

Process automation enables the highly reliable, error-free development, testing, and provisioning of proven processes that are universally consistent each and every time they are performed

Achieving a steady stream of consistent processes in the workplace is imperative for improving planning, delivery, and increasing stability for your IT infrastructure.

Eliminate Human Error

The Human Error Conundrum

Humanity can be a Wonder or a Calamity! Humans are prone to any manner of errors amongst their brilliance, be it a simple typo or unintentionally missing a step in a process. Higher workloads exacerbate the probability of human error.

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These unintentional human errors can be avoided with an IT automated process using Attune.

attune UI design

The Struggle of Knowledge Capture

The loss of hard-earned, often crucial and valuable knowledge.

Boost efficiency through automated documentation

Attune provides a central source of truth for procedures, scripts, files, & comments. Attune’s self- documenting configuration gives your business visibility and capability, to run and debug even the most specialised procedures. Best of all, Scripts will no longer be lost on servers or network drives, and resources won’t take that knowledge with them when they’re on holiday or leave the role.

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