Attune Cuts Over WEL Networks DMS

Late 2014, Synerty was selected to upgrade WEL Networks PowerOn Fusion ADMS to version 5.2.

The project timeframe was 4 months from kick off to cutover. During this time, Synerty converted physical servers to virtual machines, combined app and db servers, upgraded PowerOn Fusion, and applied the latest patches to all components. The new environment is all virtualised except for the FEPs.

Synerty’s offer to upgrade the system included leveraging Attune, our automated integration system. Attune was used during the project to implement a repeatable dataset restore and upgrade procedure, including all the fixes and changes the new system required.

The fully automated dataset upgrade procedure was repeated 10 times during the project and leading up to cutover, ensuring the process was correct and that testing was based on the latest live production data.

Cutover occurred early march without issue. The best part being where an integrator would normally spend some hours hard at work manually loading and upgrading datasets, Attune upgraded all servers in parallel within an hour and with minimal human effort.