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Referencing values in Scripts

All Variables have the same basic attributes regardless of their type. The Values that are mapped onto the Variables in the Plan are different – they have a number of


In Attune, the Procedures you create are executed under a Plan. The Plan is where you assign different Values to the Variables that appear in the Procedures. The Plan is then run


The procedures that are created and executed in Attune are made up of a series of steps. These steps make use of variables that allow values to be dynamically allocated to each

Windows Script

Attune uses the WinRM remote command protocol to execute scripts on windows. To enable WinRM and file and print sharing, please see Setup WinRM, CIFS

Tcp Ping

The Tcp Ping step checks to see if a TCP socket accepts connections on a remote server. This is not an ICMP ping. The first intended use for this step was to check if a server had

SSH Interactive Script

Details on the SSH Interactive step

SSH Script

Details on the SSH Command

Deploy Archive

Attune deploys archives by decompressing them on the Attune server and then copying the files over to the remote host. Deploy to Linux Host When the deploy step uses a value of a

Step Types

There are a number of different types of steps in Attune. The different types of steps have different attributes which will be displayed in the right-hand pane when a step is