Setup WinRM, CIFS Manually


This procedure will set up a Windows desktop or server to allow connections and Automation from Attune. This is done via enabling Windows File Sharing (CIFS) and Windows Remote Management (WinRM).


To enable WinRM, run the command in PowerShell.

# Enable WinRM with HTTPS, via PowerShell
# This is for windows deployment step
Enable-PSRemoting -SkipNetworkProfileCheck -Force
Remove-Item -Path WSMan:\Localhost\listener\listener* -Recurse;
New-Item -Path WSMan:\LocalHost\Listener `
      -Transport HTTPS `
      -Address * `
      -CertificateThumbPrint `
            (New-SelfSignedCertificate `
            -CertstoreLocation Cert:\LocalMachine\My `
            -DnsName $env:computername `
            -NotAfter (get-date).AddYears(6)).Thumbprint
Restart-Service -Force WinRM
New-NetFirewallRule -DisplayName 'WinRM HTTPS' `
                  -Name 'WinRM_HTTPS' `
                  -Profile Any `
                  -LocalPort 5986 `
                  -Protocol TCP

To enable file and print sharing, run the command in Powershell.

# Enable File and Print sharing, via PowerShell
# This is for windows deployment step
Get-NetFirewallRule -DisplayGroup 'File and Printer Sharing' `
    | Set-NetFirewallRule -Profile 'Private, Domain' -Enabled true


This procedure is now complete. Your file and printing sharing is enabled.