App Wait for Oracle DB Start

Exported on 23-Aug-2021 16:05:50

Will wait for Oracle Database to start before proceeding to the next step.


Name Type Script Reference Default Value Comment
App Server Linux / Unix Server appServer
Linux: Root User Linux OS Credential linuxRootUser
Oracle: dbaadmin At App SQL Credential oracleDbaadminAtApp

1 - App wait for Oracle DB to start completely

Ensure you select a SSH Credential that can remote into server.
Inputs are the details of the oracle UserID.
.user equates to the userid. .password equates to the password you enter as part of inputs.
.sid equates to the SID you enter.
The script uses sqlplus to try connecting to the database and if it fails it sleeps 5 seconds and tries again.

This step has the following parameters

Name Script Reference Default Value
Oracle: dbaadmin At App {oracleDbaadminAtApp.user} None
Oracle: dbaadmin At App {oracleDbaadminAtApp.password} None
Oracle: dbaadmin At App {oracleDbaadminAtApp.sid} None
The connection details have changed from the last step.

Login as user on node

Connect via SSH
ssh user@hostname
This is a Bash Script make sure you run it with bash -l from a terminal session
while echo 'exit;' | sqlplus -S $CONN | grep 'ORA-'
    echo "Waiting for Oracle to start"
    sleep 5

echo "Oracle is up"