Why Automate With Attune?

Attune Features for Server Automation: SysOps Solutions

ServerTribe’s Attune is our server automation & orchestration solution that can automate scripts and commands exactly as they would be manually typed into servers.

Improve, Then Rollout

Your team can improve and secure your servers by spending their time on one automated procedure. Once the procedure is built and tested, you can automate the rollout to many servers fast.

Full Stack Orchestration

Attunes automation is simple, yet versatile. With Attune, your team can build entire virtual or physical Windows or Linux server from bare metal / thin air to fully running servers.

Attune has successfully orchestrated server builds with DELL iDrac (redfish APIs), ESXi, VMWare Workstation, oVirt, RHEV, and VKM.

Attune is the perfect tool for SysOps teams

On both Windows and Linux servers.


Your team can deploy files to and automate commands for Linux and Windows Servers with Attune.

Document Generation

Industry ITIL requirements have driven Attunes unique design. Your team can export the automated procedures as manual documents for either ITIL approvals, knowledge capture, or to run by hand.

Automate Repeatable Processes


Spare your IT Admins. Attune’s self-help dashboard allows normal users to help themselves. The admins configure frequently requested jobs, and give normal users limited ability to just click run.

Production Fixes

Portable, Sharable Procedures

Your team can export Attune’s procedures to a file, and then import them into another Attune. These procedure exports contain all the scripts, comments, and even archives or installers, ready to drop into another Attune server and execute.

Attune has variables, used to create reusable procedures.

Variables take the place of servers, strings, passwords, usernames, and more.

Reusable procedures reduces time, effort, and improve quality assurance.

Powerful Multi-Server Coordination

Attune can run steps on multiple servers as multiple users within the one procedure, allowing unequalled environment wide coordination.

Advanced File Generation

Attune has an advanced file generator. Files of any kind are compiled on the fly as they are deployed to servers.

Your team can use this for HTML, INI, Bash, Powershell, Registry, JSON, CFG, or any other text file.

Attune’s Automated Procedures

Attune’s automated procedures slingshot quality assurance. Run, test and rerun procedures in development environments. Then your team can run the fully tested procedure in production.

Integrated files

With Attunes embedded file support, all of your teams software installers, databases, configuration files and more are centralised and stored within Attune. These files are deployed as steps in Attunes automated procedures, and archives are included in Attunes procedure exports.

Simplify Scheduled Tasks

Simplify your teams management of scheduled tasks across the data centre. Attunes has a built in job scheduler that centralises the management of scheduled tasks across Windows and Linux servers.

Centralise and Capture Knowledge

Attune provides a central source of truth for procedures, scripts, files, comments. Attune’s self-documenting configuration gives your whole team visibility and capability to run and debug even the most specialised procedures. Best of all, Scripts will no longer be lost on servers or network drives.

Robust Automation

Your team can write robust automated out of the gate with Attunes error and log capturing features. Attunes design captures logs against each each step in the job, and Attune jobs will stop when an error is detected in any step.

Procedure Development

We believe Attune is the fastest automation to develop with on the market. Your team can rapidly debug, fix and test your automated steps. Stopped jobs can be resumed from where they failed with no need to start from the beginning.