Automated GE DMS Web Server Build

We’ve created an automated Attune procedure to build a GE PowerOn Fusion DMS Web Server.

What is an Attune procedure? An Attune procedure is a user configurable list of steps that do something. In this case, the steps install things like Microsoft IIS, Deploy useful utilities such as Notepad++, and apply all the icing on top customisations and tweaks you don’t get with vendor builds.

How can the procedure be used? The procedure can be drag and dropped into an Attune server, from there, Attune can execute it for you. The procedure contains all the required config files and installers, except for GE’s software installer.

What are the benefits? Precision, Time and Gaining the capability.
Time: Automating the procedure saves hours per a server.
Capability: Gain out of the box capability to build your own PowerOn Fusion web server and take it one step further with your own Utilities customisations.
Precision: Eliminate integration issues caused by human error and save many more hours of finding the misconfigured setting.

Above and beyond. We’ve taken this procedure to a new level by adding steps to test for common issues, such as issues connecting to TCP ports on the Application servers.

Servertribe Attune (Previously SynBUILD), automates, centralises, captures knowledge and much more.