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Where Does Node Automation Fit Into The ITIL Process?

ITIL is a fundamental part of any modern IT organization in ensuring IT business strategy aligns with deliverables. ITIL has gone through several revisions, with the latest

Oracle Patch Management | Benefits of Automating Oracle Patches

An IT infrastructure’s database represents one of the core pillars of a business’s dataset management for its digital presence. This is hardly a big surprise considering

Server Health Monitoring | Introduction & Tools

Server health monitoring tools help to ensure optimum performance, operation, and functionality of servers—both virtual and

Server Compliance Checks | Compliance Management Benefits

All businesses, companies, and enterprise organizations must abide by laws and regulations to ensure safe, ethical, and fair business practices. Choosing not to comply is not an

What is Server Patch Management? | Importance & Best Practices

The patch management process is one of the core elements of an effective IT security policy. Small and Medium Businesses through to Enterprises run the risk of serious data

What is Linux Server Automation? | 5 Tools to Automate System Admin Tasks on Linux

Several companies today are striving for digital transformation, enabling higher productivity through configuration management and server automation. According to a 2020 survey on

Chef Alternatives 2021 | Best Server Automation Tools

With worldwide IT spending on the rise, organizations are constantly seeking ways to boost agility and productivity. Gartner reports that worldwide IT spending will reach $3.9

Kubernetes Alternatives 2021: Top 8 Container Orchestration Tools

Before containers, businesses had to contend with variability in system environments due to dependencies and compatibility issues. With containers, they were able to build,

Top 6 SaltStack Alternatives in 2021: Server Automation Tools

Are you looking for a SaltStack Enterprise alternative? When evaluating server automation alternatives to SaltStack, you will want to compare competencies and features such as