One Click Dataset Load

WEL Networks use Attune to refresh their dev PowerOn Fusion with a single click. A unique approach to fully automated server integration. Attune enables knowledge transfer and allows any team member to kick of a dataset load.

Development and test environments are a “must have” when working with critical infrastructure production environments, such as GEs PowerOn Fusion DMS.

For the test and dev environments to be useful, they need to be up to date with the production environment. This is achieved by loading a recent production backup onto the test environments, which soaks up the precious time of team members on a regular bases.

To start the automated process, the team member opens the Attune web page, selects the execution and clicks run. Attune then executes all of the user defined steps that make it happen.

The dataset load takes 20 to 30 minutes and is fully automated, from grabbing the latest backup, to starting the environment.

Here is a screenshot of the execution. The steps of the process are on the left, the log for the selected step is on the right.


Attune is a server integration management system for Windows and Linux.

Attune is now used by PowerOn Fusion support teams at two utilities in New Zealand to restore and upgrade datasets onto their dev, test and sandbox environments.

Attune is user configurable and fully transparent via the web interface. Any team member can view the configuration and see exactly what is done. Attune becomes the definitive source of knowledge and documentation.