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attune product for server automation


EditionRetail Price USD Per AnnumSupport PrioritySupport MethodTarget NodesConcurrent JobsArchitecture
CommunityFreeCommunity52Attune App Attune Server
Starter$50Best Effort Tickets205Attune App Attune Server
Professional$2,0001 Business DayUnlimited10Attune App Attune Server
Enterprise$10,60024/7Unlimited50Attune App Attune Server
Data Center$50,90024/7Per 500 NodesUnlimited Attune Shards


Attune AppAttune ServerAttune Shards
Attune App is Attune as an App that can be downloaded, installed and run in minutes. The Attune App only runs jobs when the app is open.Attune Server is a headless, standalone server running in a cloud or server environment, using a Web App as the admin interface.To scale Attune into data centers, the job execution is performed by multiple virtual appliances distributed through out the network, these are called Attune Shards.
1 CPU, 512MB RAM, 500MB
1 CPU, 512MB RAM, 6GB
Minimum Per Shard:
1 CPU, 512MB RAM, 10GB
2 CPUs, 2GB RAM, 1GB
8 CPUs, 8GB RAM, 500GB
Recommended Per Shard:
8 CPUs, 16GB RAM, 500GB
Windows App
MacOs App
Linux App
Linux Virtual Appliance
Linux Virtual Appliance

Attune Editions

FeatureCommunityStarterProfessionalEnterpriseData Center
24/7 Support
Live screen sharing support
Support Tickets
Attune Shards
Automated Job Concurrency Limit251050Unlimited
Target Node Limit520UnlimitedUnlimitedPer 500 Nodes
Multi user support (via LDAP)
Role based access controls
Self-help portal
Automated Compliance Checks
Automated Compliance Enforcement
Multi project support
Blueprint Merging
Version control
Centralized scheduler
Centralized storage
Self-documenting configuration
Blueprint Import
Script Blueprints
Error and log capturing
Reusable Blueprints
Advanced file generator
Rapidly debug automation, run, test, rerun
Implicit Error Checking
Job stop on error detection in any step
Resume job from after error