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Deliver Projects Faster

Deliver your projects faster with Attune’s unique rapid automation development design.

Attune has Interactive Automation, this allows your team to rapidly develop, test, fix and retest small parts or an automated procedure without having to restart the build.

This is a significant time saving over other solutions, as some server builds can take hours to complete and a failing step at the end means restarting from the beginning to test.

This benefits projects rebuilding or upgrading a few complex servers or a large number of servers.

Automate Repeatable Processes

Become a team that scales, by shifting from manually performing server work to building automated procedures to perform server work.

Your team can automate almost any server task with Attune, from small one-line fixes to entire server builds.

When your team adopts Attune automation, they scale to get far more done in much less time.

This benefits any team, performing any scale of work.

Multi Server Coordination

Get Started Quickly

Server Automation for SysOps teams

Your team can turn scripts and commands into automation in moments with Attune. Don’t make do today when you can automate for tomorrow with fast Server Automation.

Server Documentation

Capture Knowledge With Every Server Build

Your team will build Attune procedures to automate everything from loading databases to scheduled tasks, to ad-hoc tasks.

Attune becomes your team’s single source of truth, capturing files, scripts, server details, and variables all in one place.

Attune’s unique design allows Attune to generates documentation to run the procedures manually, but unlike handcrafted documentation, you can guarantee that it’s accurate as it’s generated directly from Attune’s automation.

We call this Attune’s self-documenting configuration.

This benefits all team members in all stages of a server’s life cycle.

Attune Server Automation: Simple yet Versatile and Powerful!



Attune provides server automation with awesome features like cross-platform deployment, automatic document generation, and much more.

This is the era of digital transformation with businesses adopting more and more digitalization for better growth. Server Automation is one of the keys for IT organizations to move towards digital and infrastructure transformation.

Now you can easily transform your hectic manual processes to effortless automated workflows with Attune, the most compact server automation solution! Attune enables you to build an entire virtual or physical server over Windows or Linux and where your team can build or deploy files easily. One of the exciting features of Attune is Document Generation, facilitating your team to export automated procedures as manual documents. Server automation is very much about time-saving, Attune brings Reusability to the plate by making use of Variables and Reusable Procedures. Attune also has self-help dashboards that allow team members to perform their tasks easily, without bothering the IT admins.

Scheduling your tasks has never been so easy. With Attune’s built-in job scheduler for task management, tasks can be easily scheduled across Windows or Linux. Testing and Quality assurance has always been a great concern for IT teams across different environments. Attune replicates the production environment over the development environment so your teams can ensure the quality of the products in the production environment without any worries.