ServerTribe Sales Partner Introduction

Hi there. In this brochure we hope to show you how together we can reduce the human effort required to build, support and scale digital enabling technologies across the world.


Who are our Sales Partners?

Our sales partner program has been crafted to support teams dealing with digital products in the I.T. space.

This includes:

  • Distribution channels
  • Systems integrators
  • Managed service providers
  • Value added resellers
  • And Telecommunications providers

If your team doesn’t fit into the list above, please get in touch and share your use case with us.

Introducing ServerTribe

If your reading this, you’ve already met our VP of Sales and Growth, Michael Grace.

Michael is a specialist in expanding the global market of physical and digital products through engagement with distribution channels, system integrators, value added resellers and channel partners.

ServerTribe hopes to work with and support your team in growing the global success of our Attune digital automation product.

Introducing Attune

To get your team introduced to Attune, we’ll send you Attune product brochures and links to presentation videos.
We’ll then arrange an Attune demonstration with a ServerTribe product engineer.

After the demo, your team can get their hands on Attune by downloading and running the free Attune Community Edition App.

Download Attune

Market Validation

At this point your team will internally evaluate your opportunity, the Server Automation market and your client’s appetite for Attune.

Signing Agreements

ServerTribes sales partner agreement set contains three documents, a Reseller Agreement, an End User License Agreement and our Privacy Policy.

Our reseller agreement includes the following:

  • Not for resale enterprise licenses that
    • your team can deliver projects with, and
    • your team can discover, train and
      demonstrate with.
  • Price list with discounts based on your teams,
    • support capacity and engineer Attune certification, and
    • your teams reseller Tier based on sales revenue
    • 45 day payment terms.

Engineer Training

We’ll get your team up to speed with support, training, and certifications.

  1. Attune automation for Windows.
  2. Attune automation for Linux
  3. Attune orchestration and for full server builds on physical and virtual hardware.
  4. Attune automation sales demonstration certification
  5. Attune train the trainer certification

Sales and Marketing

We’ll support your team in sales and marketing efforts with:

  • Locking in your opportunities with deal registrations
  • Providing co-branded Attune brochures
  • Providing co-branded product demonstrations to your prospects
  • Supporting your team during your prospects discovery
  • Creating Attune product champions within your team

We’ll promote your team as a ServerTribe sales partner by:

  • Including your brand on the web site.
  • Including your brand in localised marketing campaigns
  • Including your brand in localised lead generation initiatives
  • Promoting your teams strengths, expertise and value propositions
  • Regional lead referrals

Attune Trials

We know your clients will want to try before they buy. We will support your team throughout the trials or proof of concept stages in any way we can. This includes design and architecture advice, trial licenses, deployment support and on the job training sessions as required.

Completing the Sale

When your clients decide to buy, your team can can easily purchase licenses with maintenance and updates from ServerTribe. We’ll provide generous payment terms that compliment your teams payment terms to your clients.
Attune requires licenses to be generated by ServerTribe based on unique Attune server keys.

Supporting your Client

ServerTribe offers the following support to your team as you support the product for your clients.

  • 24/7 enterprise phone support
  • Screen sharing enterprise support
  • Online attune documentation
  • Access to AttuneHub, Attunes community of free automation procedures
  • Access to Attunes community edition discord server

Rewarding Your Success

As your team become masters of helping your clients streamline their I.T. system administration effort with Attune, you will grow through the tiers of ServerTribes sales partner rewards system.

The tiers are as follows:

  • Authoried Partners (Silver)
  • Advanced Partners (Gold)
  • Solutions Integrator Partners (Platinum)

With each tier, your brand receives volume discounts, certifications and badges representing your tier on all co-branded marketing material and on