IT Automation Simplified

In everything you do, you benefit from automating your repetitive tasks today, in order to work on something new tomorrow.

ServerTribe provides solutions that are:

  • Easy to adopt
  • Intuitive
  • Configured with popular technologies
  • Reusable, modular, with shareable IP
  • Functioning with collaborative workflows
  • Massively scalable
  • Self-documenting
  • Delivering rapid ROI
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IT Automation & Orchestration Business Benefits

Automate Processes

Your team can automate almost any scripted server task with Attune, from small one-line fixes to entire system builds.

Get started quickly

Attune’s intuitive design makes it easy for existing teams to quickly adopt and leverage IT automation with the popular scripting languages they already know.

Team Collaboration

Using Attune centralises your teams work, allowing them to gain visibility of each others system administrative tasks with situational awareness.

Service Portal

Publish automated procedures to Attunes Service Portal and allow other departments within your business to run automated jobs on demand without interrupting the system administrators.

Centralised File Management

Centralise all of your team’s software, installers, databases, configuration files within Attune. These files can then be deployed as automated steps in Attune.


Every team member gains the ability to debug and run an automated process quickly and proficiently. Tasks that are typically run by a small number of team members can now be shared and performed by all team members.

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