Windows Server Automation: Best Tool to Automate and Orchestrate Windows Server: 2023

Without Windows server automation, it would be an arduous and time-consuming task for IT operations and security teams to manually configure and maintain Windows infrastructure.

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Several tools and platforms allow operations departments to automate much of server and infrastructure while ensuring compliance with DevOps practices. With Windows server automation, administrators can implement and automate different processes that would otherwise take tons of time to complete.

When you have many servers to manage, even relatively straightforward tasks, such as setting up additional computer objects in Active Directory (AD), and patching all the devices can take a tremendous amount of time.

Through the Windows server, you can harness the capabilities of Powershell to perform several kinds of automated tasks, such as package management. Using PowerShell, you can install, update, manage, and remove packages using a wide range of package management systems.

Windows Server Automation

In this article, you’ll learn about what benefits Windows server automation software provide, and how to automate Windows server.

Automating Windows Systems

With Attune, you can manage and perform a wide range of tasks in Windows environments such as patching, updating security, application installation, and software deployment using WinRM.

With Linux, package management has always been easy with the command line, so you can easily install new packages, update installed packages, and remove unwanted packages. Linux has always been a powerful tool for a wide variety of automation use cases.

With Windows PowerShell, Windows administrators do not need to know how to use a Linux terminal to manage and automate their systems. They can automate and execute tasks in Windows in a familiar way. You can automate all aspects of provisioning, application deployment, and configuration management by using Attune server solution.

In the past, Windows Server lagged behind Linux in managing and executing tasks in these areas. However, since the introduction of Powershell and Package management, Windows server administrators are now much better equipped to understand and manage the operating system, much like Linux administrators. The package management capabilities of PowerShell make it easy to keep packages updated, maintained, and configured.


Microsoft PowerShell is a “task-based command line and scripting language” provided by Microsoft and built on the .NET framework. You can automate completely new Windows systems, such as DSC and .NET, without having to install another scripting language.

While it appears to look similar to Windows CMD, it does so much more. Among the notable features of PowerShell is its ability to implement object-oriented concepts through its interactive command-line interface. In PowerShell, everything is an object. That’s the appeal of Powershell automation.

Windows Remote Management (WinRM)

Windows Remote Management, or WinRM, is an in-built feature of Microsoft. Server administrators can configure Active Directory group policies to enable WinRM with HTTPS automatically. They can also script and automate remote management tasks.

With Attune, you can run commands on Windows desktops and servers using WinRM. The combination of WinRM and PowerShell is Microsoft’s solution for scriptable server management.

Windows Management

An organization must continuously deploy and manage updates. Many IT teams manage Windows updates using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), which delivers software updates for Windows systems. In some cases, SCCM is not reliable for automating updates during reboots, which affects how frequently maintenance windows are available.

Windows server automation tools enable basic synchronized updates using Windows Update, resulting in more reliable automated updates. Additionally, you can execute a single task to manage & install hundreds of updates by seamlessly rebooting the system at intermediate points.

Get Started on Windows Server Automation

By enabling Windows Server automation with PowerShell, you can define DevOps-like processes for managing and maintaining server environments. With it, you can automate the repetitive tasks that are required for Microsoft Windows systems in an efficient and reproducible manner.

To get started, you can:

Why Choose Attune

An automation solution offers numerous benefits for the business, including faster application deployment, more efficient management of IT infrastructure, and increased efficiency. With Attune, organizations can manage complex deployments, automate their IT infrastructure, and manage automation via an interactive interface, cross-platform scripting, full-stack orchestration, robust automation, multi-server coordination, and centralized knowledge capture.

Attune is a server automation solution that can help you transform your business through server provisioning, cross-platform server automation, build automation, security and compliance, document and log file generation, patching, and auditing. Other key benefits of Attune include reduced cost, reduced deployment time, and better security.

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